Brynberian Events

Informal Welsh Lessons & Conversation
Wednesday evenings
Commencing July 2011 at Sinar or the School
Contact Chris David at Sinar
or Gill Longley 01239 891454

Pwyllgor Apêl Eglwyswrw a Brynberian Appeal Committee
Capel Brynberian chapel
Nos Wener/Friday 9 Mawrth/March
am/at 7.30 y.h./p.m
CÔr - “Ar ÔL Tri”
Marged a Ffion Rees
Esyllt Thomas
Miss Sioned Lewis, Caerdydd
Tocyn/Ticket £7.00
Plentyn Ysgol/School Children  £4.00
Cefnogi’r gan Banc Barclays Bank supporting event

Brynberian Village Hall
Monthly on Saturdays
10 - 11.15 am
£5/£4 concessions.
Starting Sept 2011. Booking is necessary.
Minimum 6 people, maximum 15.
In Yoga you use your body, your breath and your mind to bring about calmness and relaxation.
Beginners are welcome.
Contact: Jennie Welton on 01239 891341

For information on booking the Old School for events contact ..........

If you would like to advertise a local event on the Brynberian-online website contact Chris at creative 3d


‘First Responders’ are a group of trained people in the community who pledge time to answer emergency calls for first aid whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive.
In more rural areas the response time for an ambulance can be longer than is ideal, especially for people suffering from heart attacks. The ‘First Responders’ would have a defibrillator and be trained in CPR which would hopefully give victims a better chance of survival until medical help arrives.
There is a group based in Newport to which the Brynberian group would belong. The training will be carried out in April by the ambulance service and fundraising for three defibrillators is underway (one for Newport, one for the Brynberian area and one for the Moylegrove area.)
In order to proceed further we need to know how many people would be interested in volunteering to become trained and then pledge time to be ‘on call’. Obviously the more people who volunteer, the less time each person would have on the rota.
To find out more about becoming a volunteer contact Sue Birchall 01239 891315